The National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU) was established in December 1990 as a Public Corporation by way of Order No.79 of 1990, made under The Public Corporations Act 1988 (No. 21 of 1988).

Mission Statement

To efficiently and effectively manage the electromagnetic frequency spectrum and to administer the number resources of Guyana; being proactive, customer oriented, transparent and keeping abreast with global technological developments in the telecommunications sector, thereby fostering an environment conducive for investment and where the deployment and use of ICTs can be optimized for the social and economic development of Guyana.



To provide world class, quality spectrum management and number administration services to all stakeholders.

Organizational Structure

The NFMU is headed by a Managing Director and its departments/sections are established mainly according to functions. These departments/sections are as follows:

  • Office of the Managing Director/Secretariat
  • Spectrum Planning
  • International Relations
  • Licensing
  • Database
  • Radio Monitoring
  • Radio Inspection
  • Accounts/Administration


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