The National Frequency Management Unit is responsible for the administering the national 
numbering plan and all other numbering resources assigned to Guyana. 

Guyana's national public telecommunications numbering system is based on a standard seven (7) digit 
numbering plan. This numbering system became fully effective from February 1, 2001, after making the transition from a hybrid 5, 6, and 7 digit plan. 

Administration of the national public telecommunications numbering system is done in accordance with the  National Numbering Plan Guidelines

The format for the national numbering plan is NXX XXXX, where N can be any integer from 2-9 and X can be any integer from 0-9. 
The first three digits of the national number represent the billing area code, while the last four digits 
represent the subscriber line number. 

Since the number resources, as structured, are finite, it must be utilized in the most efficient way. 

Application for number resources from the national telecommunications numbering system can be made via the Application for  Number Resources

A summary of the national public telecommunications numbering plan is outlined in the table below.

Administrative RegionAllocated Billing Area CodeService Type
3 & 4 2XX - XXXX Land Line
5 & 6 3XX - XXXX Land Line
7,8 & 10 4XX - XXXX Land Line
1,2 & 9 7XX - XXXX Land Line
All Regions 6XX -XXXX Cellular
All Regions 8XX - XXXX Special Services
All Regions 9XX - XXXX Special Services


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